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Not standard villa door installation, please refer to, learn!!

Issuing time:2020-07-15 16:53Author:Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

A lot of customers in the purchase of villa door always appear a variety of problems, in order to give the majority of customers to rest assured, xintaihe door industry visit the market, understand the problem, from the basic analysis, found that there is a large part of the problem is installed the door, for this, the following installation guide!

Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

Before the installation

1. Before installation, check whether the door frame and the surface are in good condition, whether there is any damage and whether the accessories are complete.

2. Check that the three-side wrapping is straight. If there is any bending, it can be installed only after adjustment.

3. Check the diagonal of the portal frame and adjust the error to within 5 mm.

4. Check whether the size of the door must be the same at the top, the middle and the bottom, whether the top, the bottom, the left and the right should be parallel to the ground, and whether the ground is flat.(Refer to laser line thrower/level/hoisting line for adjustment)

Install door

1. The door frame into the door hole must be parallel up and down, left and right vertical. If the door hole is more than a centimeter larger than the door frame, the position of the expansion screw in the door frame must be filled with stone or wood.The door of the Roman column should first install the Roman column to the portal frame and then put into the doorway.

2. Hang the front door, check whether the gap between the front door and the door frame is parallel, whether the size is standard, to open the door whether the two front doors into a straight line, the gap between the main and vice doors can not be greater than 5 mm, check whether the opening and closing is smooth.

3. After the adjustment, take off the door and put on the other screws. Tighten the screws one by one for several times.Tightness screws to the door frame shall prevail.

4. Hang the door back and check the gap and opening and closing again. If there is any difference, try to adjust the tightness of the expansion screw to adjust the gap and opening and closing of the door.

5. After fixing, install and fix the handle on the door. Do not turn the handle screw too tight.

6. After the completion of installation, foam or cement should be injected into the door frame. Only after the door is adjusted can this operation be carried out.


1. The size of the door gap can be adjusted by the hinge gap and the tightness of the expansion screw.

2. The surface rebound can be adjusted by tapping the hinge to increase the gap.

If the door key is not flexible and the second lock is not returned, check whether the key is flexible when the door is not closed first, and then check whether there are foreign bodies in the upper and lower lock lever holes.The primary and secondary doors close when the distance is not small with 5 mm.

A rise in the middle of the ground will cause the door to close against the top and bottom gears.

5. If the door hole is too large, the middle distance of the door will be too large for the lock to touch.

6. Surface coated paper should be cleaned within a week of door installation.


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