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Issuing time:2020-07-15 16:40Author:Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

The main function of the building door is anti-theft function, generally used at the entrance of the building unit, the door is installed on the building walkie-talkie, in order to facilitate visitors to call the owner, to confirm the identity before entering.

The door of our company is made of galvanized steel plate, the door frame is equipped with new type of sound insulation and heat preservation sealing tape, the door body is thickened, heat preservation, sound insulation, strong safety, high configuration multi-function electric control lock, luxurious white steel handle, thickening and durable hinge, durable and beautiful appearance.

The building door is a high-tech preventive product combining physical prevention with electronic information, communication technology and remote control.The following points should be noted in the use of building doors:

1. When decorating the home, try not to move the intercom system extension in the room. If it needs to be moved, please ask a professional to operate it.

2, open the door, to wait for the building personnel issued after the opening signal, that is to hear the "tap" sound and then the door, do not force the door before.

3, do not open the door door for a long time to big, do not use bricks, sticks and other hard objects pad in the door hinge corner and the threshold, so easy to damage the door, especially when there is a strong wind, extremely easy to cause door damage.

4, the door closure should not be opened for a long time, the opening time is too long, easy to cause the door closure oil leakage, so that it can not work normally.

5, take your own keys, do not lend to other people, do not let strangers, posters and small business vendors enter.

6, when using the key to open the door, never tighten the door handle with one hand, turn the key with the other hand, because in the process of opening the door, the electronic system will send electrical signals to the mechanical part, due to the mechanical part to open the latch force is very small, if the pull hand, can not open, so that the lock tongue can not be retractable, the door can not open.

7, the use of electric control lock lock core for three to four months to carry out a good care and maintenance, in order to open flexible, smooth key in and out.

8. Once the door can't be opened, don't smash or kick, be patient and wait for the whole system to return to its original state before re-opening (about 1 minute).

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