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Maintenance of non - standard door method

Issuing time:2020-07-14 14:32Author:Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

1, less hanging on the door or even do not hang any heavy goods, in order to avoid collision and damage the surface of the paint.When opening or closing the door, please use too much force by mistake or open the door at too big an Angle, so as not to damage the door doors and frames.

2, try to use the wet hand to pull the handle, so as not to change color.Do not overexert yourself when opening the door lock or turning the door handle, which can reduce the service life of the door lock.If the hinge and lock are loose, tighten them in time so as not to become loose for a long time.When the door lock does not work, you can add a proper amount of pencil foam to the keyhole.

3, with glass non-standard door wipe the glass, do not make the cleaning agent or water into the glass layering cracks, so as not to be out of shape.Do not use too much force when you wipe the glass, so as not to damage the glass and person.After glass is broken or have big knock against, must ask professional maintenance personnel to undertake maintenance.

4, clean the door surface stains (such as fingerprints), can be used after blowing wet, wipe with a soft cloth if using a hard cloth to wipe, it is easy to scratch the surface, stain is too heavy can use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, decontaminate, immediately wipe clean.The edges and corners of the copper door do not often rub, so as not to cause the edges and corners of the decorative materials fade damaged.When the dust on the clear wooden product, inconvenience is wiped with soft cotton cloth when, can use vacuum cleaner to undertake clearing.To maintain the surface gloss and service life of the door, should be cleaned regularly, dust removal, wooden decoration products can be used for the maintenance of the surface.

5, spring and winter, it is necessary to pay attention to good indoor ventilation, indoor humidity, so that the door in normal room temperature, humidity, metal accessories rust, sealing edge, veneer material fall off.When using electric central heating or other heating equipment in winter, want to be far from door body, lest make its suffer heat to be out of shape.

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