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The size of the non - standard door, it will look like this ~

Issuing time:2020-07-14 14:21Author:Shandong Guanhong Door Industry Co. LTD

1. Size of door hole:

Refers to the size of the door clearance without installing the door, including the width of the door, the height of the door, the wall thickness;Units are generally expressed in millimeters (mm).

2. See light size:

It refers to the size of the door to open the light, that is, the small size of the door frame.Select the appropriate auspicious size according to the actual situation of the draft (Luban ruler).

Want to say here: when a lot of owner are choosing to see light dimension, can ask "fluctuation whole red", actually can not need.

Lu Ban ruler was invented by Lu Ban. It is mainly used for feng Shui of Yin and Yang houses, so later generations call it "wind gauge".The ruler is marked in red and black with a variety of auspicious and unlucky information signs. Originally, it was only used by yin-yang feng shui masters to measure the construction of Yin and Yang houses. Now, it has become an indispensable tool for architectural experts, architects and design experts in the production of various instruments, equipment and woodwork.

LuBanChe two lines up and down in LuBanChe and cm, respectively, uplink dedicated to measure YangZhai about middle scale are: "wealth, illness, and from, righteousness, officer, hook, harm, the" eight characters, tube four each word, each is an omen, have "pass civil examinations, prosperous, happy to meet, fine" words, such as building houses or other YangZhai measuring objects, auspicious omen for the length of the unit, with red can be prosperous, and black is fierce.Down the middle, dedicated to the measurement of the tomb related measures: "ding, harm, prosperous, bitterness, justice, official, death, prosperity, loss, wealth" ten words, also every word management four, each item is respectively listed "moral, on matters, no heir, disaster, mouth" and other words, when building the tomb to avoid ominous measurement length.

3. The outseam:

It is the aperture that points to door leaf distance ground.Copper door braces are generally 10mm, most of which are reserved according to customer requirements.

4. The threshold:

It is to point to the bar of horizontal wood, stone or metal below doorframe.The threshold height of copper door is generally 43mm.The size can also be increased or decreased as required.Here general, we do not recommend the owner to choose "copper threshold", consider to use for a long time, easy to "step on the flower" surface, affect beautiful.

Threshold has very important meaning in geomantic science.In traditional Chinese architecture, the entrance gate will have a threshold, which is used in feng shui to prevent external adverse factors from entering the home and prevent talent leakage.

4. Door head size: refers to the size of the copper door head, including the height and width of the door head.The door head modelling that is common on market divides roughly into 3 kinds: flat head, pointed head, round head.

As copper doors are high-end custom products, there is no uniform standard for the size of the industry.Therefore, the size standards vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Suggestion: The size of the door head should be designed in proportion to the size of the door hole on site.

Add a bit: both sides of the door head float out the size of the position, one side normally float out the size of 120-200mm

5. Doorpost size:

It refers to the size of the Roman column or line of the bronze gate.The normal width of the line is 80-120mm and the normal size of the Roman column is 200-380mm.The size here can be increased or decreased according to the site situation.Special attention: semi-cylindrical shape, small width is 380mm.

It should be noted that when measuring the dimensions in the field, it is necessary to determine whether there are limits (width and height) for large dimensions.

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