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The entrance to the villa

Issuing time:2020-07-15 16:59Author:Shandong Guanhong door Industry Co., LTD

Shandong Guanhong door Industry Co., LTD

Is the symbol of space separation between inside and outside

Is the first impression entering the interior space

It serves as the facade of the entire villa

It not only shows the taste of the villa owner

It also symbolizes the status and wealth of the master

Favorite villa gate

Not too much deliberate carving and embellishment

It is simple and elegant

Let the temperament style of the home rise several class

Generally, the design style of the entrance will match with the architecture.

It has a simple modern style,

There's also the understated country style,

Whatever the style,

Design well,

There is always an infinite charm to be found,

Give off a powerful aura.

In contrast to the simple, modern and cool entrance design,

The entrance to the country garden,

It was noticeably more low-key,

Maybe it's just a simple porch,

Plant a climbing vine or a flower tree next to it,

Low-key implicit, quietly bloom their own wonderful.


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